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Rules for this brain stormy corner of the forum (Must Read)

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Here are the rules:

~The standard forum rules apply

~Use the Suggestions section to give your ideas for the forum, events, things you would like to see etc.

~Stay on topic

~If you are giving feed back, make sure it is constructive

~If the suggestion has room for some debating, then feel free. But keep it nice.

~Think about your suggestion before you post it. i.e. check if it has been posted already and if it is logical.

p.s. especially in the early stages of the forum, suggestions are gonna be great to make this forum fun, active and in general a healthy environment so any contribution is appreciated.

2Rules for this brain stormy corner of the forum (Must Read) Empty SHIMEE on Sun Mar 20, 2011 9:32 pm


SHIMEE- WHAT???????? My brain shut off Razz

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