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Im new here

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1Im new here Empty Im new here on Fri Oct 23, 2009 7:31 pm


Hiya all im smeagle as you probably noticed from my name and i need to get an avatar because right now no one can just glance at the post and know who it is because the human brain will find it easier to recognize a face or graphic rather than reading a line from a computer screen so if you see some random and dont read there ame then it is probably me because noone will know who i am until i post a few times which should happen soon as i like making loooong and meaningless posts but i guess if its annoying then i can stop because if i annoy people then i wont get any friends which defeats the point of coming to this forum and registering because that would be a waste of time and download from my isp but i guess its better than the one at school as there isp is reeaally bad and the internet is really slow but there is going to be an upgrade soon and the it guys know nothing about maintaining a network as a result it is reeally difficult to get internet connection on the laptops.

Longest sentence ive ever done XD
anyway.. hi!

btw im not acctually 19 i lied.
nah i tryed to set my birth to the 1500s but it said noone over 99 was aloud to register tongue

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