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Hello and Welcome to Silent Whispers, The forum for the creative soul.

Here we love art, poetry, stories, and just about anything else you can come up with. We also love to get to know each other and just have a good time. So what are you waiting for?
Silver Whispers

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~Site Rules~

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Dear new users,
Thank you so much for joining our humble little forum with some big dreams and plans. I'm just here to explain to you what goes on in the forum and welcome you on behave of all the mods and dedicated people of the newsletter.

This is the forum for all who wish to contribute to a Newsletter created for those with a love for the written word. You don't have to contribute to be a member however, after all we need readers. Anywho, Welcome to the forum and please enjoy your time here. Please post a introduction here on this forum. More to come as soon as I get the free time to edit this post.

Thank you
With love bites, Wolfjaws

~Captain Fluffy's Rules~

1. She will ban you without warning, though you may ask her way after and plead your case.
2. Anything PG-13 or higher she will delete.
3. Read the rules this site made.
4. And whatever you do, for christ sakes, don't tick her off.
5. Don't steal other people's work. You will get your IP addy and e-mail banned for that.
6. The best rule: COMMON SENSE. If you are capable of using a computer, you know what is appropriate.
(More rules can and will be made as she see's fit.)

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