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Entry - She Doesn't Cry

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1Entry - She Doesn't Cry Empty Entry - She Doesn't Cry on Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:45 pm

Captain Fluffy

Captain Fluffy
Poem Name: She Doesn't Cry
Name: Brittney (Captain Fluffy)
Age: 16
Website: N/A
Authors Notes: A poem written about the girl who broke my heart. (It can be found on under the username of Chained_Voice. I don't sign on anymore so I'm not giving out the link to my profile.)

I feel the world turn
As my heart burns.
I feel my life heave
As I watch her leave.

But she doesn’t cry,
Only watches me die.

I feel the ground shake
As my pride starts to brake.
I feel the cold air
And begin to not care.

But she doesn’t cry,
just walks right by.

I feel the tears fall
as I lean on the wall.
I feel them all stare
but I do not care.

She doesn’t cry,
only says goodbye.

Entry - She Doesn't Cry Swnpic10

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