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Weave's newsletter poetry entry

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1Weave's newsletter poetry entry Empty Weave's newsletter poetry entry on Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:33 pm


Poem Name: See you soon
Name: Weave
Age: (Not needed.)
Website: (If you have one.)
Authors Notes: I wrote this after my Da passed away in 2007, my way of coping with his sudden death.

How can it be,
yesterday, you were still here,
now you are gone,
see you soon is not enough..

What is it like?, who do you see?
Are you happy?, Are you well?
Do you know, we will always care?

I never said goodbye, I told you to go,
'see you soon' is what I said
'you know we will be ok'.
'you taught us well',
'you made us strong',
'you made us tough',
'you made us'....

See you soon is not enough,
but it was all I had left to say,
you made your mark,
see you soon is all I could say...

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